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Gardens of Hanbury, Pynest Green Lane, High Beach, Waltham Abbey, EN9 3QL 

Please feel free to contact us day or night regarding any enquiries or comments you have.



The Gardens Of Hanbury

   Owned by The Don Miller Charitable Trust CIO 




With the vast amount of land on the premises, any activity is at your fingertips. We have a BBQ pit if you want to have a BBQ with your family and friends. We have a croquet lawn for those that love croquet. Also a pétanque yard for some friendly competition. Whatever brings you to the Gardens of Hanbury, we are sure you will leave the premises raving about returning soon.   


We welcome all volunteers. You can help us by assisting with the maintenance of the grounds. We always appreciate a hand with mowing the lawns, watering and planting the flowers. If you'd like to help us, don't hesitate to give us a call.



With the idea of Gardens of Hansbury first coming to the mind of Donald Miller 47 years ago, this labour of love took more than 10 years to complete and to this day is still being upgraded and meticulously detailed. The name may seem unusual for most people but the origins of it reflect when traveling entertainers often provided shows in the gardens of big houses in the 17th and 18th Century. With the assistance of a team of skilled craftsmen this amazing structure is available for bookings for charities, retired groups and groups of people with disabilities who need somewhere to go to hold their activities and days out. 



We welcome elderly walking clubs and any charity related recreational sport here.

Charitable Events

We do allow charities to hold fundraising events of many kinds here on our grounds. 

Field Trips


Field Trips are always welcome to the Gardens of Hanbury for retired groups, special needs schools and charitable organisations, we will pleasurably accept groups of all sizes. Field Trips should be booked in advance and we do not provide any activities or agendas for groups on trips, we only provide the facilities.


Whether you are vegetarian or you love meat, our barbeques are something your group can have fun with. Bring what you need for the day and enjoy everything in our BBQ pit with your retired group, school class or charitable organisations.


Art Room

Let your inner picasso out in our Art room. Have a day where you let your mind expressions be forever etched on canvas. It may not be in the National Gallery one day, but as long as you take the opportunity to express yourself and have some fun then we will love it. Be sure to bring your own paints and tools, plan your activities and we will provide you with the room! 

Croquet Lawn


A walk around the Gardens of Hanbury is like taking a journey back in time and exploring British culture in a way you don't often get to do in this modern technology age. We have an authentic croquet lawn on our grounds for you to enjoy some friendly competition. 

Arts and Crafts 

Arts and Crafts clubs are welcome to use our art room for days out!

Friendly Competition


Enjoy our croquet lawn, an our green area that can be used for may different recreational sports. 



Our garden is a wonderful place for groups to enjoy the scenes and the tranquility that comes with it. Our retired volunteers take great pride in the maintenance and  it is there to be enjoyed by the people. 

At the Gardens of Hanbury, we simply offer our grounds for charitable organisations, special needs schools or retired groups. We do not host any activities here or run any clubs however we allow clubs to use this space for their own activities. 


Take advantage of the BBQ facilities here with your group. Bring your own bits and enjoy a day out. You can even opt for a picnic in our green area.

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